Sourcing Your Investment

Opportunities are endless in property investments, both in todays Market and for the future. We work with many clients that are already Landlords, some having few properties or some large portfolio Landlords. Over the years we have seen that most Landlords only ever end up buying 2-3 properties. This is mainly because they don’t have a proper strategy in place and the expertise or professional knowledge to grow their portfolio and this is where we come into place. We take away the stress and time with our professional team to find you the best investments.

Most importantly property Investments don’t need to be where you live. Key mistakes what investors make is only try to loke at investments in their proximity thinking it’s easier to manage, but this makes them miss the bigger picture and often do bad investments with small rental yields and ROI. Talk to us and we can show how and where you can invest depending on your budge and show how you can maximise on your investment. 

Our typical investors start with a minimum £30,000 – £40,000 of cash investment and we can show how this can build your portfolio.


House in Multiple Occupations (HMOs)

HMO is always been a high cash flow strategy in property, but when we thing of HMOs we naturally think of student rents, Unemployed or Low income tenants. Here at Golden Investments we can show you how next Level HMO properties can operate at attract only working professionals and typically make £24,000 per annum net per property and not necessarily invest large sums of capital when doing so. For more information please contact us.

Serviced Accommodations

In the past 5-7 years Serviced Accommodation is becoming ever more profitable. We have more and more clients interested in S.A’s as this is a big Cash flow strategy. So, what is S.A? basically you take a Standard BTL property and let it out by the night like a hotel. This is becoming ever more popular and there is also many added tax benefits with is strategy. Not only you can avoid the Section 24 rules and off set all your mortgage payment interest, but you can also possible not pay any income tax for 2-3 years. With this method, with as little as typical £40K cash investment you can generate up to £12K per annum net profit.  For more information click the link to get In Touch with us.

Holiday Lets

Holiday Let’s is again one big game changer strategy in property investments. With this method all the tax benefits mention in S.A applies but the main difference here is you need more around £120k – £140k of cash investment and your net profit here is north of £35k per annum. These Holiday lets are very difficult to source but they are out there, and we can help find these gold mines for you. For more information click the link to get In Touch with us.

Standard Buy to Let (BTL)

Your standard BTL properties have been round since the Roman’s. Your standard single let (Some refer to as boring BLT) is by far the most common property investment strategy still in the UK today. How we differ in this field is that we don’t just find any half decent property and offer them to client. We analyze and look at more complex algorithms and find gold mine areas with potential high capital growth and high ROI areas. Call us to find out more.

OUR Fee’s

We have come across that property sourcing/deal packaging companies don’t discuss their fees and most of the time try to hide them, attract them with trying to show to offer cheap services and then hit them hard with hidden fees. However, at Golden Investments we are upfront with all our fees, so you know exactly what our services will cost, with each deal we will sign a detailed contract to outline exactly what your fees will be. We aim for long-term relationships with our clients, and that is why honesty and integrity are the backbones of our ethos.

* Note that fee mainly depend on the complexity of the deals.

Of the property purchase price


2% (of the property purchase price) sourcing fee or Minimum £3,000 (whichever is Greater)

Admin Fee


£250 commitment (admin) fee on agreed brief. (Is then deducted from fees above)

Fee is Payable

Fee is payable (50% on reservation and 50% on completion of the process)

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