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Financial Freedom could be just one phonecall away…

As many of you will know property investing is been proven time and time again to be the most profitable risk free investment tool out there. Most property investors turn to professionals for help mainly for the following reasons: Get a regular income to replace your salary from property investments, Retire early and live of property income and build extra wealth from property in the medium to long term.



Going from clueless with money to being savvy enough to invest in my future and live well within my means in what feels like an instant after talking to Avada Financial Consultants has really put my mind at rest and I can now make informed,educated smart decisions with my money.

The answer to your financial planning and wealth questions

Yes, definitely here at Golden investments our main goals is to take the stress and strain of property investing and show how it can be done all remotely.

It all starts with contacting us and we can book a free consultation to understand your needs and requirements so we can best assist you.

Initial consultations and advice is free.

We try our best to give you the best advice possible, but any advice given is your choice to follow or not.

One thing is certain is that we are not a get rich quick scheme nor do we sell this kind of promise, however we can show with live experience and from our own property investments what you can achieve and defiantly get financially free with property investing over a short period of time.

Areas of Expertise


Property investment is big business, and, if done properly, can quickly become highly lucrative. We can help you on this difficult journey with expert knowledge and with careful planning.

Financial Planning

A financial plan is crucial as we need to look at a person’s current money situation and long-term monetary goals, as well as strategies to achieve those goals, for case we will look at which property investment strategies we can apply our investors.

Mortgage Advice

In our investment strategies we always look at every mortgage options possible and we can give you general gaudiness, but for more intense Mortgage advice we work with a number of Mortgage professionals and can assure you to get best deals on the market. 


One of our key objectives is to make our investors financially free in approximately 10 years. Most of our investors can replace their salary with income from property as quick as 3 years and some cases quicker. So property investment is in our option the number one retirement pension or one way to retire early.

General Advice

With our over 20 years experience in property investment, we can give you best possible advice for your short or long term planning in property investment journey. We are here to help with any questions you may have.